260 infection free dialysis units soon be set up in Telangana govt hospitals

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According to health-care officials, Telangana government approved a proposal to set up 260 free dialysis units in government hospitals after experiencing the success of free dialysis services which was given to poor patients on a pilot basis in government hospitals earlier. The state government has decided to start more such units in all the major hospitals across the state to serve people with affordable medical services.

The health department has also approved this news and a senior official said that 40 government hospitals soon started 262 free dialysis units. Government and healthcare department is now working on everything with care to overcome all the challenges they faced earlier. During last campaign, people faced operational risks like spreading of infection through dialysis machines but now everything is planned properly so that units will be infection free.

Government not only offering free dialysis but also administer Hepatitis B Vaccine to all the patients who undergo dialysis in these units and also get supplements in the form of erythropoietin and iron injections once a week for free. These steps are considered as the best approach to help poor people to get medical facilities. To stop spreading infections, govt also decided to procure one-time dialyzers and medical tubes, that are vital parts of a dialysis machine and used dialyzers, a tube will be discarded after use.

At now in the state government hospitals, doctors utilizing one dialyzer multiple times on a single patient and medical tubers are discarded. Dialyser assigned to the patient and will keep in the place to use other 10 times for the same patient. And after 10, a fresh one issue for a patient but all this required lot of maintenance and labor. To maintain hygiene, it requires a sterile place to store and an expensive re-processor machine to disinfect the dialyzer.

While comparing this to private hospitals, one-time dialysis in private hospitals it costs any way around Rs.2,000 to 3,000 for one time, while the government hospitals dialysis costs only Rs.1,375 per dialysis session per patient.


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