Nuts Pack a Punch, Munch them sure for Sound Health

Delhi Nuts Summit gave thumbs up to Walnut for Wellness

New Delhi: It looks and sounds as a metaphor of wellness.

Sample a Walnut. The eatable stuff is ensconced inside an impregnable wall. Being protective is intrinsic to both its name and structure. And when we snack on them, they are as much protective for our body. They keep a number of diseases at bay. The nutrients packed in Walnut create veritable protective walls around our heart, knee joint, brain and other vital organs.

Walnut (Akhrot in Hindi) of course has an edge over other nuts like almond, pistachio but the entire genre of nuts has been established as a recipe of sound health and robust immunity in a number of studies.

In the first ever International Summit in India, held on 31st October in Delhi, a large number of nutrition scientists, researchers and specialists doctors from home and abroad went to great lengths to underline the benefits galore that nuts, especially walnut, contain. They established the great efficacy of nuts snacking beyond any doubt.

The upshot of the summit under the aegis of California Walnut Commission was: if India wanted to avert the catastrophe of being world capitals of almost all non- communicable diseases, it would have to change snacking habits from junk food to nuts and whole foods.

Michell McNeil Connelly, CEO, California Walnut Commission, in her message vouched that ‘over twenty five years of research has investigated how Walnut may provide beneficial effects in the areas of heart health, diabetes, cancer, cognition, fertility and weight management.’

Talking to Medicare News, Dr HK Chopra, Organizing Chairman of the summit and senior consultant Cardiologists in Moolchand Medcity said, ‘For sound health of people, we need be nutrient pusher rather than drug pusher. Nutrition has emerged as a very crucial component in maintaining sound health. As regards wellness, the underlining adage should be – We are what we eat, wholesome is that whole foods do.’

Dr Chopra further said, ‘of all the nuts, Walnut is a most superior one by virtue of being packed with adequate quantity of Omega 3 fatty acid, a potent source of protective health. This fact has emerged from a study done in West Virginia not long ago, in which I was the only partaker from India. The outcome of the study is all set to be published in Indian Heart Journal, which has already accepted the paper. Walnut is particularly most efficacious in protecting heart, thanks to Omega 3 fatty acid it contains in good measure. It protects from cancer too’

Dr Rekha Sharma, a nutrition scientist and President, Diabetes Foundation of India, was one of the prominent speakers in the Nuts Summit. Talking to Medicare News, Dr (Mrs) Sharma said, ‘Nuts are anti oxidant, contain good quality fat, a lot of fibre and a number of crucial components necessary for sound health. 8-10 gram of nut snacking daily can go a long way to improve health. The best thing about them is that they are hygienic and have a very long shelf life and easy to carry it always.’ She further said, ‘All nuts in general are healthy to snack but walnut is especially good for heart.’

Dr J Nagpal, senior consultant psychiatrist, spoke on the importance of Omega 3 fatty acids in cognition and behaviour. The nuts have also been found protecting from the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as people age.


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