840 Bottles Of Intoxicating Cough Syrup Worth Rs 1.42 Lakh Seized In Rewa


Rewa : Vicious smugglers of Rewa district have absconded by cheating the police. Police say that on the information of the informer, the car was cordoned off. In such a situation, the smuggler turned the four wheeler and ran away from the other route. While chasing, the car was found in a start condition in a closed way. Two mobiles, 7 boxes of intoxicating cough syrup have been recovered in the search of the vehicle.

Police seized the Delhi passing car from the spot and took it to the police station. In the search of the car, 840 vials of intoxicating cough syrup worth Rs 1.42 lakh have been seized. The police have registered a case under the NDPS Act against the unknown accused. Now with the help of the vehicle owner, the police will trace the seller, buyer and driver of Codeine Cough Syrup.

Inspector-in-charge of Baikunthpur police station Shrangesh Singh Rajput said that on the midnight of 3-4 September, information regarding drug peddlers came from an informer. He claimed that the consignment of drugs loaded in car number DL 9 CX 6447 had come via UP. The suspicious car is about to enter Baikunthpur Nagar from Lalgaon outpost.

If the smuggler is not caught in time, he will cross the town and move towards Rewa. The station in-charge immediately informed the senior officers. After this siege in qty mode. Meanwhile a white colored car came. But seeing the police, the smuggler stopped the car and started running on the other side. Then the police chased the car.

It was told that the vicious smuggler ran away leaving the running car in a narrow lane to give a slip to the police. Due to darkness, the police could not nab the accused. 7 boxes came out in the search of the car. On opening, 840 Bottles of intoxicating cough syrup have been recovered. The market value of the seized drug is Rs 1.42 lakh.


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