ASK Foundation Empowered Humanity for the seriously ailing baby

4 yr poor girl got best treatment in Aster Med City, a rich patient’s dream

New Delhi/ Kochi: Baby Neenu, critically ill 4 year old girl of a poor father could not have ‘ASKed’ for more.

She got the best treatment possible in the opulent Aster Med City in Kochi, one of the best hospitals in Asia Pacific and is back from the jaws of death.

Neenu is the only daughter of her father who runs a small electrical repair shop. Given the extent of her illness, her father was ill equipped to bear the expense of her treatment. Even contributions from society proved a pea nut. Then, her hapless parents approached Aster Sick Kids (ASK) Foundation for help. As is its wont, ASK did not disappoint them. It pronto came forward to empower humanity.    With equal aid from Dr Moopen Foundation and Aster Med City, ASK gave to the sick baby many more times as healthcare.

Her illness started as fever and cough. She became breathless and her condition worsened rapidly. She had a cardiac arrest. The doctors tried their best and brought her back to life. She was on a ventilator and required medicines to maintain her blood pressure. She developed a bad wound on her forearm which worsened rapidly. She was transferred to Aster Med city in a very precarious condition. She required high frequency ventilation in PICU. She also underwent wound debridement and skin grafting of her wound in the forearm. She was on a ventilator for 4 weeks.

Her treatment expenses were significant as she required prolonged advanced care. Church she attends raised funds for her initial treatment. Neighbourhood mosque collected funds. But even that was far inadequate.  It was then that ASK joined hands with the good Samaritans in the society to be the guardian angel for little Neenu. Finally, Neenu is back to life to enjoy this world at the fullest and faith in humanity deepened.

Tens of thousands of children suffer from life – threatening diseases and yet have no hope of recovery/survival, as their families cannot afford expensive treatment. Aster Sick Kids Foundation(ASK Foundation), a charitable arm/unit of Aster DM Foundation , Kochi, India strives to provide every child with world class health care regardless of their financial background.


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