Dr. Aggarwal’s Eye Hospital Nets Patent for Innovative Drug Delivery

The Tirunelveli branch of Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital gets a patent for an innovative drug delivery technique to treat deeper corneal infections effectively. “Corneal Implants” a new innovative technique that can treat Keratitis – inflammation of the cornea caused by both bacterial and fungal damages claimed by the hospital.

Lional Raj D, regional medical director of Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli, whose team invented the technique and stated to the reporters that Keratitis problem could lead to blindness and this technique can save the user from blindness.  He also added, according to the estimations, 30% of Keratitis cases in India leads to blindness. Fortified antibiotic eye drops are the presently available measure to treat an infectious corneal disease that requires frequent administration. Due to poor penetration of drugs by eye drops, the bioavailability of antibiotics in the deeper corneal tissues is limited.

With this innovative technique, two-three months of treatment required and varies for each individual and costs ranges from Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000. It is free from side-effects like with the use of eye-drops. The technique first implemented and tried on Antony Raj, 45, a Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation worker in December 2016.


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