Fortis pulled off a miraculous save of a boy in Dengue Shock syndrome

The boy was rushed with no pulse and no blood pressure to Vasant Kunj hospital

New Delhi: Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj successfully treated a 12 year old boy who had presented with no pulse and no blood pressure. He was rushed to the hospital in Dengue Shock Syndrome.

Shahib was presented with multiple morbidities. His vitals were deteriorating at an extremely alarming rate. He had no pulse or blood pressure, and was severely bleeding from his mouth and nose. He was immediately rushed to Pediatric ICU, where he was put on ventilator. He was administered multiple units of blood (40) and blood products like fresh frozen plasma and platelets in order to compensate for the heavy blood loss. The immediate line of treatment included respiratory support through ventilation, I/V boluses, blood and blood products, inotropes to support his failing cardiovascular system.

His survival seemed extremely difficult as he was suffering from liver failure, an acute kidney injury and the acute form of respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). A correct balance of fluids and electrolytes were given to maintain his Kidney injury and a Dialysis unit was always kept on a standby. After 13 days of treatment Sahib was on his road to recovery and was extubated. His hospital stay lasted for more than a month. Post discharge he is doing fine. He went home with no residual disease.

According to Dr.Rahul Nagpal, HOD & Director- Paediatrics at Fortis Hospital VasantKunj, “For 12 long days, Sahib’s chances of survival were extremely critical. Against all odds, we continued to put all possible efforts into his treatment. Our team backed themselves in providing adequate care and treatment and not to forget that it was the child’s remarkable spirit to fight back that made all the difference. There were moments of deep despair, when everyone lost hope. He had more than once cardio respiratory arrest. However, Sahib’s courage and the best efforts put in by the team, gave him another chance to live”

Ms. Mangla Dembi, Facility Director at Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital,VasantKunj said,“ Dengue Shock Syndrome is a severe form of dengue which affects blood and lymph vessels and if untreated timely can lead to a failure of the circulatory system leading to bleeding and permanent organ failure. What worked here was the timely treatment and the dedication of the doctors who never gave up and kept on fighting against all odds. The hospital took the decision to go beyond all materialistic boundaries and give him the best.”


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