Government finally reduced GST rates on some of the products

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The government finally slashed GST rates by 13% for 178 products. This announcement makes eating out get cheaper for both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned restaurants to 5% without input tax credit. The GST Council slashed rates for restaurants with liquor licenses at 18%, and non-ac restaurants at 12%.

However, these rates do not apply to restaurants located inside hotels with tariffs of Rs 7,500 and above and outdoor catering, which will continue to be the charge.

The GST Council has recommended reduction in GST rate and exemption from IGST as per details are given below

a) From 28% to 18%

Liquid or cream for washing the skin;

Shampoos; Hair cream, Hair dyes (natural, herbal or synthetic) and similar other goods; henna powder or paste, not mixed with any other ingredient;

Pre-shave, shaving or after-shave preparations, personal deodorants, bath preparations, perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations, room deodorizers

Perfumes and toilet waters

Beauty or make-up preparations

Malt extract and food preparations of flour, groats, meal, starch or malt extrac

b) 18% to 12%

Diabetic food

Medicinal grade oxygen

Exemption from IGST on imports of life-saving medicine supplied free of cost by an overseas supplier for patients, subject to certification by DGHS of Centre or State and certain other conditions.


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