Hey Delhiites, Heal while in Harness!

Indo-German Natural Health Centre in Safdarjung Development Area (SDA) is a unique neighbourhood healing concept.

New Delhi: You feel your health is in jeopardy and your body needs immediate overhauling. But you have to keep the concern on back burner because of being hard up of time. You cannot afford the luxury of calling it quits and go for a rejuvenation sojourn.

Perish the thought of taking a vacation and stop despairing.
Being in Delhi, a unique wellness centre of excellence may be in your vicinity. Indo-German Natural Health Centre in Safdarjung Development Area (SDA) has come up as one of its kind neighbourhood healing concept. In this day care centre, one can heal while in harness. What he needs to do is to steal a couple of hours from daily grind of his life. There is no need to ditch workplace for healing. The repertoire of the Centre consists of both preventive and curative protocols, formulated and vetted by registered naturopaths. Reversal of even chronic condition like diabetes is its high point.

Nestled in the midst of verdant backyard of Safdarjung Development Area Market, it stands as a meek enclosure. A low key board whispers its existence. Calmness defines the place, though humdrum of daily life is not far away. It is an incredible rejuvenation and curative locale for only local people. In sum, if you are looking for a place where healing and work can go hand in hand, Indo German Nature Health Centre is just your kind. You do not need to take even one day leave! The centre is so situated among trees and foliages that it leaves no scope for peep inside. Privacy of patients is fiercely guarded.

This neighbourhood naturopathy concept is already catching the imagination of people who do not want to trade their office for healing. Footfalls from South Delhi in just one year of its coming into being speak a volume about its surging popularity. Far cry people of Delhi and NCR may have to wait a while till this centre replicates itself in many more parts. When this writer visited the centre unannounced, patrons, who are apparently getting their mojo back, admired the efficacy of centre full throttle.

Talking to Medicare News, L Kroeger, Founder Director of Indo-German Natural Health Center, a German national who has married an Indian woman and has businesses here, said, ‘ I tumbled upon this idea while I was scouting for a detoxification centre in Delhi for myself because getting away from Delhi did not gel with my busy schedules. I wanted someplace in Delhi itself. But I found none. Then, a chance meeting happened with Dr Krishna Maurya, an ace Naturopathy specialist. We pooled our thoughts and out came this centre, a cut above the rest. Our catchment areas for now are CP, RK Puram, Basant Kunj, Sainik farms and others which are half an hour away. 98 percent of clientele are from South Delhi and Gurgaon, though it does not harbour any class bias. ’

Dr Krishna Maurya heads the team of Naturopathy therapists. The importance of being Dr Maurya is that he was earlier in charge of VIP ward of Patanjali centre at Hardwar. He left because he was chosen by some naturopathy major to establish a Naturopathy centre in Madagascar. For some reason, the big time Naturopathy assignment did not take off as if he was ordained to meet Kroeger. Dr Maurya is a certified Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS). Those who do BYNS are taught 80 percent modern science. So it is a centre of Modern Naturopathy having all state of art equipments.

The design of therapy is custom made for each individual. Even food is fine tuned according to every patient. The aim is optimization of outcome. Talking to Medicare News, Dr Maurya, co-founder, said, ‘we keep experienced Ayurvedic doctors and therapists. They as a team evaluate each individual and customise the treatment for every patient. Each individual case is approached in a truly holistic manner. We first examine the individual’s physical and mental/emotional situation and constitution and then design the best possible treatment/therapy with the ideally suited treatment methodologies & techniques. This may entail just one healing method or different methods that might soothingly complement each other for the optimization of outcome.’

The broad range of therapies includes Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Reflexology (Acupuncture & Acupressure), Sujok, Physiotherapy, Cupping, Ozone Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation. At the end of a therapy the individual receives a detailed personal diet chart, home remedies and explanations for suitable exercises.

The laundry list of medical conditions including chronic ones which are addressed in this centre consists of Diabetes, Arthritis, Varicose Veins, Digestive Disorders, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Psoriasis, Liver & Kidney Diseases et al. The list is long.

Mr Kroeger adds, ‘Our tailor-made Weight Loss Therapies (without gym & with 3 full meals per day), Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Immunity Boosting as well as Pain Management Therapies can boast of incredible results with testimonies abounding. But we reject 10-15 percent patients when we find that they cannot be tackled here.’

He further adds, ‘Our centre has only OPD (Out Patient Department), no IPD (In Patient Department). Till now, these kinds of holistic therapies would usually be only available if one would stay for longer durations in a health resort. However, with Indo-German Natural Health one can achieve immensely positive results even while one continues one’s daily routine, business and/or family life.’

For a therapy here one just needs to take out 2 hours per day, at one’s most preferred time of the day to attend the centre. There is in-house Naturopathy trained cooks to serve individually prepared special meals exactly as per individual requirements.

Dr Krishna sums up saying, ‘Given the damaging side effects of allopathic medicines, there is increasing shift towards Naturopathy which is giving incredible results world over. The icing on the cake is Naturopathy has lasting solutions for chronic ailments too. We work on the premise that natural healing power ingrained in every individual sustains even when he is chronically ill. We enable, strengthen and restore that intrinsic power to strike at the root cause.’


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