Narcotics Bureau Raided At Many Places, Banned Drugs Recovered


Budaun : Under the anti-drug campaign being run by Deputy Commissioner Narcotics Lucknow, the team of Central Narcotics Bureau of Lucknow and Bareilly raided many places in the district. During the operation in Bhagwanpur village of Dataganj, the team recovered 2.50 kg Alprazolam Tablet and 100 grams heroin. One person has also been arrested. Two women and two men indulging in drug dealing escaped.

Drug trade is taking place on a large scale in the district. Medical store operators are selling banned drugs and cough syrups containing codeine phosphate without a prescription. This drug trade has reached from the headquarters to the village-countryside. Medical store operators do not even keep records of drug dealing.

Taking cognizance of this, the Central Narcotics Bureau has now raided the district. On the basis of confidential information, Thamman Lal has been arrested along with 2.50 kg Alprazolam Tablet and 100 grams of heroin during the raid in Bhagwanpur, Dataganj. Virendra, Satish, Shanti Devi and Reshma Devi, who were involved in the drug trade, escaped. The Narcotics Bureau has registered an FIR against all of them under relevant sections.

Drugs are being used for intoxication. Cough syrup containing codeine phosphate is being used for intoxication. Apart from medical stores, medicines like Tramadol, Diazepam, Alprex, Alprazolam are being sold in villages and villages. In fact, drug inspector Vinay Kumar was transferred from Budaun to Navneet Kumar last month. After this, Bareilly’s drug inspector Vivek Kumar was also given the charge of Budaun. He rarely comes to Budaun as he is in charge of two districts. As a result, drug trade is flourishing in the district.


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