No new Pharm D colleges in Andhra Pradesh due to lack of job opportunities

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A good decision has been made by the Andhra Pradesh government, as the government has decided not to allow setting up of new Pharm D colleges in the state for the academic year 2018-19. Government noticed as even the existing graduates of Pharm D are finding it extremely difficult to get a suitable job in the absence of a separate employment cadre for them.

The existing graduates of Pharm D are facing unemployment challenges as they are not having adequate job opportunities to the state health minister has decided to put a stop to setting up of new Pharm D colleges in the state.

Dr.K. Sai Kumar, president of Doctor of Pharmacy Association (DoPA) also supported the move and said that already lakhs of Pharm D students roaming on the roads not having best job opportunities and giving permission to new Pharm D colleges is meaningless.

One more step that is highly appreciable is that the government has decided to set up a 6-member committee and expected to come out with suitable solutions to the Pharm D graduates within next 45 days. And the stay on establishing new colleges is definitely a positive move.

60 colleges are already working across Andhra Pradesh and offering the 6 year Pharm D course and churning out more than 5-6 thousand Doctor of Pharmacy graduates in the state, adding more colleges will only create further new problems rather than solving the existing ones, opined the DoPA president.

A protest had held earlier last week by the Pharm D graduates on 23rd January 2018 demanding creation of clinical pharmacy posts across all government hospitals in the country. The significant requests of the Pharm D graduates are that as far back as the making of the new course the administration had neglected to an appropriate unit for their capability in the doctor’s facilities or in the social insurance set up. In remote nations like USA, Canada, and Europe, Pharm D graduates are given most astounding need and are being accepted into their human services frameworks keeping pace with the MBBS graduates. They assume enter part in guiding the patients and inform them on dose with respect to endorse drugs. They are likewise assuming a key part in observing and distinguishing any unfriendly medication responses in the clinics. Sadly, however, our legislature is crying of not having sufficient staff in the healing centers, they are neglecting to use the administrations of the all-around qualified Pharm D graduates and their administrations. The principle purpose behind this is the absence of mindfulness among our arrangement creators who have flopped in utilizing the accessible qualified HR to fulfill the requirements of our human services framework observed by Sai Kumar.

Dr. Sai Kumar says, Pharm D graduates are all around qualified and they can be enlisted in the healthcare arrangement of the nation wherever essential and their administrations can be used extremely well even in country territories, where there is serious lack of medicinal specialists.


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