Stem Cell Knee Repair is In, Replacement may become Passé

StemGenn Therapeutics offers efficacious alternative of joint replacement

New Delhi: Stem cell repair holds a great promise of ‘replacing’ joint replacement. The new found belief in re-growing worn out knee rather than artificially replacing it is catching up with joint sufferers and potential knee replacement candidates.

It may not be too long before cell based therapy becomes the first line of treatment for orthopaedic conditions and injuries. Stem cell knee injections are dramatically reducing a knee-compromised person’s need for surgery. In stem cell based therapy, your own body’s cells are used to repair and promote healing of degenerated or injured joints.
Sample this: A lady doctor (name deliberately omitted) of repute in her sixties in East Delhi, is a telling example of knee re-growing itself, thanks to stem cell injections. She felt excruciating knee pain while going upstairs; she would limp while walking; popping up pain killers and steroids for relief and remission. She was staring at the possible knee replacement.

She would have best of knee replacement surgeons for asking but being aware of many scary risks of it, she was not open to it and was looking for some alternative option. And, a chance meeting with Dr. Prabhu Mishra, top stem cell therapy veteran in the country, clinched the best deal for her.

Talking to Medicare News, ace regenerative medicine expert and CEO of StemGenn Therapeutics, Dr. Mishra said, ‘I did stem based treatment on her knee in 2014 and it was spot on. To date, she is kicking up her heels as if I injected a new knee into her joint. Orthopaedic conditions such as wear and tear of joints including that of knee are the wages of ageing and every one of us has to reach this stage. Being the youngest big nation in the world, we are bound to confront a massive number of ageing induced disabling orthopaedic conditions. Stem cell based therapy would for sure rise to the occasion.’

Knee replacers (orthopaedic surgeons) are overwhelmed by the revolutionary potential of stem cells in repairing worn out joints. As success stories, like that of lady doctor, stem cell joints repair are abounding, there is bound to be a paradigm shift in joint treatments.  Knee surgeons are vouching its efficacy but   cautiously ceding the ground to cell therapists.

Stem cell therapy in Orthopaedics is currently being used in conditions such as Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease),Spinal cord injuries,Chronic tendonitis (inflammation of the elastic tissue that connects muscle to bone), Bone fractures, Degenerative vertebral discs
Dr. Prabhu further says, ‘Stem cell therapy has very useful role in full thickness articular cartilage damage that mostly happens in young people due to Osteochondritis dissecans (OD), Chondromalacia Patelle(CP) like joint disorders. OD is a joint disorder in which cracks form in the articular cartilage causing pain and swelling; catches and locks during movement and giving crackling sound with joint movement. CP is inflammation of the base of the patella and softening of the cartilage. It often affects young individual engaged in active sports Judo, football and others.

Dr. Prabhu Mishra claimed that cell based therapy is most ideal in osteoarthritis but made a candid admission saying, ‘Stem cell therapy has not much role in grade 4 osteoarthritis i.e. severe condition and when knee replacement is the only way out.’

Dr. Mishra says, ‘There are a lot of orthopaedic conditions and injuries that presently have limited treatment options available. Here, regenerative technologies comes up as a ray of hope among surgeons for the treatment by functionally repairing the tissues and organs using growth factors, stem cells and products developed by genetic engineering with the advancement in the stem cells research field.’
‘ Your blood, bone marrow and fat have regenerative potential to re grow your joints. Stem cells therapy is performed in the specialized clinics using enhanced imaging technology to ensure proper placement of the stem cells.’

Orthopedic condition basically refers to the injuries and diseases of the body’s musculoskeletal system. This complex system includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves and allows you to move, work, and be active. Aging, exercise, sports and injuries cause excessive wear and tear of the body. As we age, the process of repair is slowed down due to reduced production of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (repair cells). This causes the joints’ elastic tissue to become stiff and lose its elasticity, thereby increasing its susceptibility to damage.


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