Stem Cell poised to give entrenched Modern Medicine a run for its money

Die was cast in StemCellXpress, International Conference on Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine &Anti-ageing

New Delhi: Stem Cell therapy is all set to become mainstream medicine as this non surgical and minimally invasive technology is making medical world sit up and notice by its success stories one after another. The 3 days Stem Cell Xpress Kumbh of its practitioners and scientists was an unmistakable testimony to this. The seemingly eye popping claim of reversing Diabetes in just 7 days turned out the biggest draw of the conference.

The therapeutic potential of Stem Cell was asserted in loud and clear terms in the conference. The speakers were bullish that stem cell is going to be the future of medicine. StemCellXpress, International Conference on Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine and Anti-Ageing and workshops scripted a runaway success as participants outnumbered all previous stem cell congregations in the city. Cosmostem Institute of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine and StemGenn Therapeutics conducted stem cell training.

Dr Prabhu Mishra, ace stem cell scientist and founder of StemGenn Therapeutics, straddled across the scene as s colossus of the emerging technology. Talking to Medicare News, Dr Mishra, Organising Secretary, said, ‘The conference marks a turning point in the realm of stem cell based regenerative medicine. The market for this breakthrough medicine In India is pegged to grow at 20-25 percent annually and reach USD146 million by2021.’

‘In India, the environment is conducive for the growth of this effective technology as the economy is growing well and the number of families with disposable is rising. Indians can particularly take advantage of Regenerative Medicine as people here prefer non surgical and non invasive procedures which this medical breakthrough is, said Dr Mishra, CEO, StemGenn Therapeutics.’

‘The market for cosmetic procedures for enhancement of looks and face is about to explode in India and dentists, dermatologists and orthopaedic doctors can top up their practice with solutions that Stem Cell Therapy entail,’ added Dr. Mishra.

Scientists and clinicians from around the globe belonging to different medical realms like stem cell transplantation, metabolic medicine, cosmetic gynecology, cell based aesthetics, ortho biologics, therapeutic cloning, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine focussed on various medical solutions like reversing diabetes in 7 days, regeneration of joints as a viable alternative for replacement, rejuvenation of ovary among post-menopausal women to have their own eggs enabling pregnancy, stem cell therapy for vascular and auto-immune disease, vaginal rejuvenation, application of mesenchymal stem cell to detect parental genetic disease, fat reduction and various anti-ageing mechanisms.

‘A whopping 425 million people worldwide are living with diabetes and India accounts for about half of the global burden. The incidence is expected to jump significantly in the next 5-10 years. We need effective and lasting solution to the problem of diabetes and Stem Cell Therapy is a bright ray of hope. This Therapy can prevent the microvascular complications of diabetes by managing it,” said Dr. Graham Simpsom, Scientific Advisor, StemGenn Therapeutics.


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