Dehradun : The police have also arrested the distributor who supplied capsules and pills to two medical store operators who were caught with a consignment of drugs in Sudhowala two days ago. Two days before the arrest of the operators, the accused had provided them 500 boxes of capsules and pills.

On May 7, the Premnagar police raided Vansh Medical Store near Sudhowala Chowk and arrested operator Krishna Kumar and his brother Vinay Kumar for selling drugs. About 68 thousand banned capsules and pills were recovered from their possession. During interrogation, the accused disclosed about purchasing the recovered goods from a distributor named Indrajit Singh.

After this the police were looking for Indrajeet. On Tuesday, Indrajit Singh, resident of 65/4 Race Course, Dehradun was also raided and arrested. During interrogation, he confessed to selling banned capsules and pills to the accused.

Premnagar police station in-charge PD Bhatt said that during interrogation, Indrajit Singh told that he has a medical store near Ajabpur Chowk in the name of Super Medical Supplier. He met Krishna Kumar six months ago. Krishna Kumar lured him by promising to place him an order of 1000 boxes (144000 capsules) of the banned capsules. He was also assured to buy medicines from him for his medical store in future.

Indrajit said that he has taken a loan of about 70 lakhs from various banks, finance companies and markets. That’s why he got greedy and agreed to supply banned medicines.

Indrajit said that he placed an order of 1,000 boxes of banned capsules to N Pharma Company of Baddi, Himachal Pradesh in February. After two months, the order for 800 boxes was delivered to Dehradun on May 5. On the same day he supplied 700 boxes to Krishna Kumar.

Indrajeet told that when he got the information about the arrest of both the brothers, he hurriedly made a fake bill of supply in the name of Krishna Kumar. So that it can mislead the police and drug department.