Suraksha Plus is bound to script new Healing Experience

HCMCT Manipal Hospitals, Delhi launches the product with a host of healthcare Service benefits

New Delhi: New healthcare needs in the wake of COVID 19, HCMCT Manipal hospital @Dwarka has devised a well thought out plan to script a new healing experience called Suraksha plus. The plan entailing a host of healthcare services is aimed to cut cost and stall the diseases in their traks.

The importance of quality healthcare has risen multi-fold after the Coronavirus outbreak. Lockdown, quarantine, isolation, early preparedness, access to health services, health insurance, medical costs, and healthcare services do have a big impact on the daily lives and health of people. Since the beginning of the COVID-19, healthcare providers have been shown more support, solidarity and gratitude than they ever have. In the current socio-economic situation, there is a need to ensure access to timely, cost-effective, and quality health services as a successful health response. The unique patient friendly program has been devised keeping in mind the new needs.
The programme- Suraksha Plus- will reduce medical, diagnostic, medicine costs.

Taking forward solidarity and support to people the Suraksha Plus aims to motivate and energise people to go for regular health check-ups for preventive care, early detection and treatment of any ailment.

Suraksha Plus, a new healing experience, comes with a host of benefits such as complimentary health check-up, discounts at OPD and IPD, Free Ambulance service, free home delivery of medicine among others. Once enrolled people get Suraksha Plus Card with a number to avail the benefits.

With Suraksha Plus Card people can avail healthcare services at the Centres of Excellence of the Hospital. With high-quality service, care, and state-of-the-art facilities HCMCT Manipal Hospitals has Centres of Excellence for Oncology, Cardiac, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement, Neuro Sciences, Gastrointestinal diseases, Liver Transplant, Renal, Urology & Nephrology, Mother & Child Care, GI/MAS and Bariatric Surgeries.

Announcing the launch of Suraksha Plus, Mr Raman Bhaskar, Director HCMCT Manipal Hospitals said, “At Manipal Hospitals, we go the distance to ensure people’s healing experience is nothing short of the best. To widen our commitment to provide the best healing experience, we have launched Suraksha Plus which is a new initiative for care that comes with a world of benefits.”

Suraksha Plus offers a world of benefits and privileges to the cardholders and their families. Moreover, this initiative would save time and money also,” he added.

With Suraksha Plus Card, people will be getting 25 % discounts at OPD consultation and Lab & Diagnostics services. The Card offers a 10% discount at IPD room rent. Along with these, cardholders can avail free ambulance service and free home delivery of medicine. Medicines would also be available at a 12% discount.


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