The much anticipated National Medical Commission starts shaping

DMC elected Dr Harish Gupta to National Medical Commission (NMC) Advisory Council

New Delhi: The Process has well begun. The long anticipated National Medical Commission (NMC) has started taking shape with Delhi Medical Council (DMC) electing Dr Harish Gupta as member for NMC Advisory Council. Dr Gupta is viewed as a dyed in wool supporter of Dr Harshvardhan, Union Health Minister.

Dr Gupta is a vociferous supporter of the institution of National Medical Commission and has been instrumental in persuading a large chunk of Delhi’s doctors to rally in favour of NMC. Dr Gupta is strongly in favour of NEXT for the sake of enhancing quality of medical Education but also wants that the practical difficulties of medical students must be taken into account. After winning election by a thumping majority, Dr Gupta said, ‘I want honest and transparent functioning of NMC and would always work towards that.’

Dr Gupta commands a large following among doctors fraternity in Delhi. A member of the Delhi Medical Council  (DMC) for the last four years and the former president of  Delhi Medical Association (DMA), Dr Harish Gupta has been elected by the DMC  to the Medical Advisory Council  of National Medical Commission (NMC) under clause 11 (1) (e) of the National Commission Act -2019. In this capacity, he will represent Delhi in the Medical Advisory Council of NMC. This council is being constituted to give advice to the NMC in its functioning.

Dr Gupta is a practising GI surgeon in Dr R.B.Gupta Medical Centre in Rohtas Nagar area of East Delhi. He is an adept senior laparoscopic consultant. He has also been president of IMA (Indian Medical Association) East Delhi.

Dr Girish Tyagi, Registrar DMC, informed about his election. In a statement Dr Tyagi said, ‘Two members of DMC, Harish Gupta  and Dr NK Singh, contested to be the member of  Advisory Council  of the NMC.  An election was held to elect one of them. Out of 20 members of the DMC who voted, Dr Harish Gupta got fifteen votes while Dr NK Singh could garner only five votes. 3 members abstained from the election.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Gupta said, ‘NMC will ensure honesty and transparency in medical education and profession in the country. NMC is need of the hour for the overhaul of moribund medical education in India. NMC with exit exam in place will also ensure quality of doctors. My endeavour will be to bring honesty and Transparency in the functioning of the new body. Eminent Medical Educationists will be heading different Board to Upgrade Medical Curriculum .New Medical Colleges will be opened in Each District of the Country to take care of shortage of Doctors in remote areas. NMC is bound to be a game changer.’

Dr Gûpta  further said, ‘ Hon’ble Union Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan has started a new era in Medical Education and Health care with introduction of NMC  and I am very sure in coming years country will see its results in form of new Medical Colleges ,more Doctors and Health care reaching remote areas of India. Honesty and integrity being well known attributes of Dr Harshvardhan, NMC will be always be on right course. I on my part will make efforts that students interests are best served. The guidelines of exit exam must be framed keeping in mind the practical difficulties the students might face.’


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