Erectile Dysfunction: The Deadly Disorder in Men

Erectile dysfunction is a disease which occurs in an adult man where his penis does not work properly during sexual intercourse. He faces a problem in getting an erection and sometimes even holding one for a desired time. In the 17th century, a person with erectile dysfunction was considered a criminal. In the later centuries, though they were not criminals, the impotents as they are also called, had to face every abuse and insult from the society for their ED problem.

But the time has changed! With modern technology and generic erectile dysfunction drugs in the market, this problem can be cured with ease without having to worry at all. These drugs help to enhance the blood flow throughout the body (including the penis) by working against an enzyme known as PDE5.  Not getting into much of the science involved here, let’s talk about the typical symptoms of the problem of ED. How exactly are you going to know that you’re suffering from the same problem? Let’s have a look below.

How will you know if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction?

  1. When you have less sexual desire.
  2. Erection does not happen or is not kept for a long time.
  3. Experience premature or delayed ejection.
  4. Painful erection because of curved penis.

Erectile dysfunction is mostly seen in aged people. This age group comprises of 50-70 year olds, which is an old age according to medicine and science but that does not mean that you cannot erect properly in that particular age. If you stay healthy, then age doesn’t matter as ED problems have been seen in men of the age group of 25-40.

What are the factors that cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

  • Cigarette smoking is said to be one of the major reasons. A person who consumes tobacco daily can have ED at an early stage of their life.
  • Stress is another reason which can affect our sexual desires, affecting our minds and thereby causing erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse.
  • An injury in the lower abdomen part or near the penis region can also cause ED. Every minor injury should be treated with proper consultation from the doctors.
  • Heart and diabetes patient can also have ED in their later stages of life. The kidney patients also come in this category as kidney and penis are somehow connected internally in our body.
  • Some other disorders that can lead to ED are neurogenic disorders, cavernosal disorders and hyperprolactinemia.

Ways to fight Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Consult your doctor who deals in sexual health. He’ll give you the best advice as per your health condition.
  2. Stop smoking which will not only help you to cure ED but will also save you from getting other deadly disease in the future like cancer. You cannot stop immediately but limiting everything to some extent can yield good results.
  3. The one thing that every person should do irrespective of whether they are healthy or not is regular exercise. Exercising daily not only has a good impact on your mental health but physical health as well. It helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body, including the penis which is essential for harder erections.
  4. Keep your professional and personal life separate and keep your stress level as low as possible. Indulge in meditation and talk therapy sessions and let it all out.
  5. Not only smoking but in some cases alcohol and illegal drugs can also lead to ED. Try to stay distant from these poisons as they can hamper your health in the most adverse manner.
  6. There are various natural herbs available to treat the problem as well. Use of essential oils and taking a healthy diet can be extra comforting for your overall health.

What to infer from the Information Above

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) isn’t something which cannot be treated. With proper treatment, it can be cured. Your lifestyle plays an important role in determining your overall health. If you’re an alcoholic and smoke very often, it’s time to limit everything. It isn’t easy to put an end to everything at once and so, take your time and go with the flow. Eat healthy foods and exercise daily. Taking good care of your health is essential and necessary for you as well.

So, stay healthy and stay erect!


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