IIT-Roorkee researchers achieved success in developing advanced, economical ortho implants to heal bone fractures

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IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Roorkee again proved their research excellence and researchers at IITR have developed ortho implants that are synthesized bioresorbable and economical to heal bone fractures.

According to the IIT, Roorkee research team, there are several issues with the current therapeutic solutions to heal bone defects. Issues like bacterial contamination on the graft, which cause non-union in the segmental bone defects and that creates the need for secondary surgery to remove or sterilize the primary graft. 

Sarim Khan explained clearly that the existing grafting methods cause problems like postoperative infections and the unwarranted adhesion between the healing bone and the adjacent soft tissues. And we made research on the membrane and found use of a membrane with enhanced antibacterial efficacy would fight-off any postoperative bacterial infections itself without the need for any secondary interventions or surgeries. So, the result is a reduction in cost and healing time. 

Sarim also added that a mechanically strong membrane has the capability to create a barrier for maintaining the original shape of the bone and avert any postoperative attachment between the bone and the surrounding soft tissues. The research study is totally inspired by these two associated complications with the current standards.

With enhancing the anti-bacterial efficacy, mechanical strength and osteoconductivity of a membrane, we found it can add improvement in the therapeutic strategy for guided bone regeneration.

Khan also added that they found that women over age 50 mostly suffer from osteoporosis in India and that that would be the low-cost alternative treatment to heal fractures due to osteoporosis in women. He also said that our research team is now planning to work with industries to run clinical trials in order to establish its commercial use.


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