Scientific validation of “Nilavembu Kudineer” requested by the Doctors

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Tamilnadu government distributing a herbal medicine “Nilavembu Kudineer” from the Siddha polyherbal drug to treat fever like dengue in the state with a hope that this medicine will help check all types of fever.

Now the modern Allopathic doctors in TN asked the government to provide scientific validation of much-hyped “Nilavembu Kudineer” as to prove the medical efficacy of the medicine. Although this medicine is used for the last years to treat fevers medicine’s safety and efficacy aspects of have not been established yet in the lab studies. Scientific validation is required as this medicine is distributed at large scale and without any evidence of its efficiency government can’t distribute it freely to everyone.

Media also supporting doctors and trying to put pressure on the Siddha community to substantiate the therapeutic underpinnings of the drug. Doctors are putting pressure because they are saying it is very necessary to validate the effectiveness of the medicine.

A few practitioners from Siddha system supporting their concerns and urging clinical validation for the medicine to prove the efficacy, safety, and the side effects if any. But the majority of the Siddha practitioners are not in support as it is not a new drug and there is no need to subject this drug to lab studies as its efficacy is already proven.

A few years ago, there was an outbreak of dengue and this drug was used to treat patients and it proved its effectiveness at that time also. But now doctors are saying there is no unbiased research and no scientific data to prove its efficacy.

Siddha practitioners are being criticized on social media after reading allopaths comments. Scientific validation will help this drug to reach the global market to prove its efficiency.

This medicine is a combination of nine herbs and is antipyretic which reduces fever and lower body temperature to normal. This herbs combination make this medicine to act as the anti-inflammatory effect which controls infection caused by the pathogens. Because of an analgesic effect, it relieves body aches,  detoxification of the blood, liver, and spleen for pathogenic endotoxins.


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