Tobacco Cessation may grind to a halt, if Prescription Proposal goes through

New Delhi: Prescription proposal looms large over Nicotine Replacement therapy (NRT), most effective intervention in Tobacco Cessation campaign. In the prescription versus OTC debate, the latter clearly wins approval of…

  • Health
  • January 29, 2021
Padma Shri finally catches up with Iodine Man of India

New Delhi: This year’s Padma Shree awardee, Dr Chandrakant S Pandav, popularly known as Iodine Man of India, is salt of the earth in the realm of the public health…

  • Health
  • December 11, 2020
Beware of Gun Thermometer ! It is far Wide of the Mark

New Delhi: In COVID times wherever you enter, your temperature is measured by a gun thermometer from a distance. But beware of this non touch thermometer because first of its…

  • Health
  • October 2, 2020
Walk Twice around Earth a la Gandhi to be healthy-Alok Mehta

New Delhi/ Noida : Walking was core of Mahatma Gandhi’s exemplary healthy life style. He was an amazing walker, and brisk at that. Many may not be in the know…

  • Health
  • September 25, 2020
New Age E-Commerce Products making False Claims: Allege Public Health Experts

New Delhi: An oft-repeated maxim — ‘Cleanliness is godliness’ brings out the essence and significance of personal hygiene. More so, tidiness is also an integral part of Indian culture. Initially,…

Experts chant Mask Must Mantra in HEAL-Thy Sambad

New Delhi: Mask has emerged as the most effective tool in COVID 19 prevention before any vaccine dawns. In HEAL-Thy Sambad, chanting of mask must mantra by renowned experts left…

Let Children & Young Adults be Covering Fire in Battle against Covid

New Delhi: While there is a flurry of activities around finding vaccine against COVID, that remains at best still in the realm of uncertainty. In the mean time, acquiring herd…

Youths are out to make # of ‘No to Single Use Plastics’

New Delhi: Prof K.G. Suresh, the Communication Guru, asked, ‘what is the hashtag (#) today? #LetUsNoToPlastics – Youth, who had assembled in numbers, mostly from Delhi University, answered in unison.…